Music Shops in Aberdeen

Find the best places in Aberdeen to buy music equipment.

Here at Guitar Lessons Aberdeen, we love a good guitar shop (although our wallets might not!) - to help you find what you are looking for we have compiled a short list of a few of the most important guitar shops in Aberdeen.

Bruce Millers, my personal favourite, sadly closed down in 2011 - a theme that has reoccurred with a number of our guitar shops - so in no particular order, he is a short review of those still standing! In no order...

GJ Guitars

GJ Guitars is a custom guitar shop located in Aberdeen, it is great if you wish to modify your guitar or buy an unusual or unique custom build. Established in 1980 by Graeme, who went full time in 1994 repairing and modify electric guitars, the shop produces some unusual and often great results. The body colour of the guitars looks fantastic, far better than some of the big guitar makes, with the shape of the guitar making them certainly unique. A great custom guitar shop - perfect for your modification needs! (Not so good if you want a cheap first guitar!).

Kennys Music

Kennys music (formerly R&B Music) is located at 67 The Green, Aberdeen AB11 6NY. This is the best place to go for all musicians in Aberdeen, If you are an advanced player or a beginner you will be able to find something for you. The staff are always very welcoming and are always happy to help you with any advice you might need. They have a fine range of guitars, Basses, Keyboards & drum kits & anything else you may need to get started. They are part of a Scotland-wide music chain and also have stores in Edinburgh & Glasgow.


If you are looking for a locally run music store that sells second hand guitars then ramjam is the best shop for you. RamJam has hundreds of guitars that look like new for affordable prices. Now & again you can pick up an absolute bargin on a Fender or a Gibson. The staff are some of the nicest in the city & the owner will regularly take time to help you with buying a guitar. The store is located on 120 Crown St, Aberdeen AB11 6HJ. For more information, please visit their website.


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