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Hello! My name is Elias Eiholzer & I am a professional guitar tutor based in Aberdeen offering lessons for all ages in a wide range of styles.

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Elias Eiholzer Guitar Teacher
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Elias Eiholzer
Professional Guitar Tutor

Hello and welcome to Guitar Lessons Aberdeen! My name's Elias and I'm a Swiss/American/Scottish musician and guitar tutor with 13 years of experience in the studio and on stage.

I teach students from the age of 9 years old upwards, helping all abilities of guitarists develop their playing through learning the songs that they are interested in.

As a musician, I've toured throughout Europe with my old band and I've played and recorded across an array of different genres including blues, metal, rock and folk. I'm also a big fan of traditional folk music and am able to play, as well as teach, the mandolin and the bouzouki, which I play in my current folk band Triskele.

Away from music, I have a degree in social sciences, but the guitar has been a lifelong passion of mine and I'm excited to pass that on to my students as best I can.

I like to ensure that my lessons are always built around the things that you love to listen too. I find that this approach ensures that our lessons together are always enjoyable for everyone involved.

“Elias is an experienced musician and passionate guitar teacher based here in Aberdeen, able to help his students of all ages and abilities learn the guitar. He covers a wide array of different genres, from rock and metal to folk, blues and bluegrass.”

I can teach both electric and acoustic guitar in a wide range of styles. Please make sure to let me know what direction you want to learn in when getting in contact.

My lessons are currently priced at £15 per half hour and £25 per hour.

I would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar as well, whether you a beginner or have previous experience playing the guitar - to book your first lesson or simply find out more about my guitar lessons please don't hesitate to email me on info@guitarlessonsaberdeen.com.

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